The Campaign

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The aim of the campaign

The aim is simple: promote and encourage sustainable practices and action  to make real and lasting benefits for patients, staff and the community.  

There are many opportunities for organisations, teams and individuals to make sustainable choices. Examples include:

  • low pollution healthy travel
  • utilising technology to save patient and staff time
  • efficient energy use, cutting carbon and saving money
  • making the most of green spaces
  • supporting local communities with jobs and volunteering.

The case for a campaign

Sustainable development is about meeting the needs of today, without compromising the needs of tomorrow.

The case for supporting a sustainable health and care system – environmentally, socially and financially - has never been stronger – 97 per cent of staff think it is important. Operating within the right financial, social and environmental boundaries will create a truly sustainable health system that is fit for the future.

The NHS is the world’s fifth largest employer and its estate covers more than 65 million m². The health system’s carbon footprint is the largest public sector carbon footprint in Europe and is equal to a small country like Malta..

Outside the NHS there are more than 20,000 social care organisation which employ 1.6 million people.

When thinking about a sector of this size the impact of greener and more sustainable working practices is huge.

What is sustainable health

A sustainable health-system improves efficiency, saves valuable resources and respects the environment for future generations. Sustainable health means delivering safe and cost effective healthcare while recognising and limiting the negative impact the system has on the environment.

The health system has a duty to become a highly effective public sector exemplar in sustainable development and carbon reduction and to operate economically and ethically. This will help save money, improve quality and build a healthcare service resilient for the future.

Every person, team and organisation can play their part help to combat the effects of climate change.

Get involved

We want to ensure health and care organisations are provided with the resources and the knowhow to make their working practices more sustainable and understand the value of it.

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