TravelSmart and lunchtime walks

Bristol walk

As one of the largest healthcare providers, employers and consumers in the South West, North Bristol NHS Trust recognises its positive and negative environmental and health impacts it has on the community and environment around it. Through sustainable development, we aim to reduce these impacts whilst improving the health and wellbeing of our staff, patients and visitors.

One of the key areas we continue to focus on is the travel choices made by our employees and users. In 2010, a travel advice bureau was set up to offer help and encouragement to staff on how to choose active and sustainable ways of travelling to work.

Through initiatives such as the Cyclescheme, free cycle lessons, bus discounts, car clubs, bike loans, car-share spaces and free motorbike parking, TravelSmart has enabled staff to make the switch from single occupancy vehicles (SOV) to healthier choices. The results from our most recent travel survey confirmed this trend, as we are now at 37% SOV, 16% walking and 20% cycling for staff commuting journeys.

We also recognise the links between sustainability and staff wellbeing; running twice-weekly lunchtime walks which enable staff to get out of their offices and grab some fresh air with a quick leg-stretch around the local and on-site green spaces.

In the last year, TravelSmart has loaned bicycles to 67 staff members, provided 190 staff with personal travel plans, helped lead 45 staff lunchtime walks, carried out a Travel to Work survey for patients and visitors and organised a series of TravelSmart roadshows across the trust and our satellite sites.

Our vision is to ensure we reduce our harmful impacts of travel and embrace the co-benefits of active travel, sustainability and health and wellbeing.

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